RedBoard - Bob the Builder
These images (copyright 2016 HIT Entertainment Limited and Keith Chapman) are from 'Bob the Builder', one of the productions using RedBoard.

The first image is a typical storyboard panel made in RedBoard. RedBoard allows a storyboarder to frame panels using a camera that is the exact same as that used in the 3D workflow of the production.

The second image shows the final render resulting from the storyboard panel shown in the RedBoard storyboard. Data transferred from RedBoard to the 3D workflow ensures the camera framing and character positions are exactly the same as that chosen in the storyboard panel.

RedBoard ensures that a shot approved by the director at the storyboard stage will closely match the shot at the final render stage with a lot less need for the constant 'review and approval' process required by traditional methods of transferring 2d storyboards to 3D workflows.

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RedBoard ExplainerHRA
RedBoard is a revolutionary storyboard/pipeline tool for the creation of CGI animated TV series. This video explains how RedBoard will improve the efficiency and reduce costs of your animated TV series production. RedBoard is available now as a complete service package, including software licenses, installation, training and support.
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